Discrete Zoom - GMT826

600mm / 200mm / 80mm f/4.0
Infrared Lens(IR Lens) - MWIR Lens - Discrete Zoom

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F No. 3.93
Focal Length 600mm NFOV
200mm Mid-Fow
80mm WFOV
FOV 0.92°x0.73° NFOV
2.75°x2.2° Mid-FOV
6.87°x5.5° WFOV
Spectrum 3.7um~4.8um
Gold Grating Efficiency 100%
Distance from Cold Gtating to FPA 19.1mm{Leo};20.4mm{Scorpio}
Optical BFL 22mm {Incl. 1mm silicon window}
Distortion <3%
Minimun work distance 200mm NFOV
50mm MFOV
10mm WFOV
NUC Internal NUC Shutter{Optional}

Mechanical Parameters

Structural Type I-Type
Mechanical Dimension mm 270 L X180 W X 180 H
Focusing Method Motorized
Zooming Method Motorized
FOV Switch time <1s each FOV
Optical Boresight <1mrad
FPA Consistency Infinite Object,lmage keep sharp after FOV change
Weight <4kg

Electrical Parameters

Lens control Yes
Power Drive DC 24V
Power Consumption Average 0.3A,Peak 0.5A
Protocol RS422
Communication Protocol Client customization


Operating Temperature -32°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +71°C
Optical Coating Front HC / AR
Sealing IP67{Front lens}

Tips: Sepcifications are subject to change without notice.